Success Stories

See the Difference Cenegenics Elite Health Programs Make

Every Cenegenics patient has a different success story to tell, but the essentials are the same: They look better, feel better and perform better in all areas of their lives.

As successful entrepreneurs, executives and family members, our elite patients know that improving their health and the quality of their aging is within their grasp and their dedicated Cenegenics 5-star team is working with them to achieve their lifelong goals.

The Cenegenics approach to the science of age management has been shown to decrease the risk of age-related disease, increase physical and sexual vitality, improve sleep quality, increase muscle tone, decrease body fat and sharpen mental acuity.

Here are some unique success stories Cenegenics elite patients have shared with us:

“How enlightening it was to learn about the truth of benefits and disadvantages of certain foods”
— T.H., Lafayette CA
" I am relieved that there are methods based on science that will help me lose 50lbs. At present I am so bloated , unhealthy and sluggish. I look forward to the days I remember of my youth."
— J.R., San Francisco CA
"Truly a medical management approach to living better. Your approach is professional which gives credence to the value of the information, technique and care you provide."
— R&M R, Sebastopol CA
“Revealing, structured, and full of hope”
— V.V., El Granada CA
Dr. Campion (Paul), Thank you again for introducing me to the Cenegenics program. Your office and especially your staff were an A+. Exactly what I expected from you. As always, very professional. Wish you nothing but success and I am looking forward to working with you and your staff.
— M.M, Petaluma CA
Dr. Paul, Just a note to let u know I appreciate your personal touch to this program. Doing this lifestyle change is easier if you just go with. But your explanations help, why no legumes etc. Your personal touch and enthusiasm has made this transition palatable:-) The more I read, cook, exercise etc the better it gets. After my last note re the blood stuff, I just wanted you to know what both M and I we feeling about the program. Of course, we are very happy with the immediate results. Thanks again,
— T&M P, Martinez , CA